1) As soon as you have made provisional arrangements for your marriage at the Metropole it is essential that you contact the Superintendent Registrar at Powys County Council.

2) Without the presence of this Superintendent Registrar and a Registrar there can be no marriage and any arrangements for the use of the Metropole depend entirely on their availability.

It is therefore essential that you make an advance booking with this Superintendent Registrar for his attendance at your marriage as soon as a booking
is accepted by the Hotel. A fee for this attendance will be payable directly to the Superintendent Registrar before the ceremony.

3) You will also have to give a notice of marriage to the Superintendent Registrar(s) of the district(s) in which you live. This notice must be given in person by one of you but is valid for only three months. One of you should, therefore, attend the registrar office where you live as soon as possible after notice can be given.

4) It is essential that you understand that any arrangements made for a marriage to take place at the Metropole are dependent on:-

The attendance of the superintendent registrar and a registrar for the district in which the premises are situated ; and,
The issue of the authority or authorities for marriage by the superintendent registrar(s) to whom notice of marriage was given.

5) When notice is given in a different registration district from the one where the marriage is taking place, you will have to collect the authority before the ceremony and ensure that it is delivered to the registrar who is to attend the ceremony.

6) You are advised that only a civil, non-religious ceremony can be permitted by the Superintendent Registrar. Any music, reading, words or performance which form any part of the ceremony must be secular. The content of the ceremony must be agreed in advance with the Superintendent Registrar who will be attending the ceremony.

7) Any rights of copyright for music, readings etc. permitted at the ceremony are a matter for you and the holder of the approval.

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