Scrubs away your blues and feel polished and beautiful. 

Lush Lemongrass

Lemongrass body polish

Skin-smoothing ground Argan and rice particles are coated in toning Lemongrass essential oil for this refreshing and refining body scrub. A great combination for an effective and refreshing all-over exfoliation…

Zingy Lime

Zingy Lime and Lemongrass salt exfoliation

The fresh, revitalising scents of lime and lemongrass essential oils combined with salts to exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth skin and stimulate circulation. This refreshing treatment will leave your skin feeling cleansed, polished and softened.

The crisp, refreshing and zingy aroma will lift spirits whilst being an amazing exfoliator it will remove winter dry skin and leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

55 MINUTES £55 Monday – Thursday
55 MINUTES £65 Friday – Sunday

Perfect Peppermint

Peppermint salt scrub with Marine extract

Brimming with essential oils , marine extract and sea salt, this indulgent body scrub stimulates circulation, detoxifies and effectively exfoliates loosening and clearing dead skins cells to leave you feeling soft and cleansed all over.

55 MINUTES £55 Monday – Thursday
55 MINUTES £65 Friday – Sunday