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Rock Spa full body massage

Rock Spa full body massage

Treat yourself to the full works with this concentrated and thorough full body massage. Choose from either swedish or aroma. Relieve tension from top to toe for complete relaxation that leaves you feeling peaceful and refreshed.

55 MINUTES £65

Rock Spa Speciality Hot Stone Massage

Rock Spa Speciality Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ancient healing powers of a traditional hot stone massage. Used for centuries, comfortingly heated stones are placed on key points of your body as part of your massage for penetrating heat and relaxation to soothe your tensions away.

A combination of using stones with a variety of strokes and techniques, this massage is a wonderful relief for stress, tension and muscle stiffness. One stroke with the stone equals 10-15 strokes with hands.

90 MINUTES £100

Back Neck & Shoulder massage

Back Neck & Shoulder massage or intense focused massage

A deep muscle massage which focuses on key stress areas of the body to repair tensed muscles and relieve aches and pains

25 MINUTES £50