Christmas Party Menu

Celebrate in style and enjoy the festive season with an exciting Christmas Party with The Metropole Hotel. From Christmas lunches to Christmas party nights with disco. Hats, crackers and entertainment available. There are amazing prizes to be won included in some of our packages.

Our festive menus have been designed by our head chef using the very best of local food produce to present some fantastic tasting award winning cuisine. Be a shining star with your colleagues, friends or family when you choose us to host and assist your festive party.

Christmas Party Menu 12|13|19|20 Dec

£26.50 per person festive 4 courses menu, disco, party hats, crackers, over £500 prizes to be won.

Christmas parties in Wales 686kb pdf

Call Lauren for Christmas Party enquirers on 01597-828539 or use contact form below.
Christmas lunches also available and other evening party nights subject to availability.

Download our Christmas Party Menu and pre-order and terms for 2014

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  • It can be difficult to find a date when everyone is available, but you are going to have to make a decision based on the day most people can attend, so the earlier you set a date the fewer people will have something else planned.
  • If treating fellow partygoers to some drinks, give everyone a set number of drinks vouchers to use. You can even specify what types of drinks can be used on the voucher. It makes it fair for everyone to avoid any rows and helps you budget your drinks reception.
  • If you are not the one organising the event, then give moral support to the organiser. It can sometimes be a thankless task but involves a lot of work on their part and so keep that festive mood flowing.

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