Mushroom Safari Break in Wales

Join a local mushroom expert on a day of fungi foraging. The morning safari starts hunting for wild and free mushrooms with your guide, Daniel Butler.

While roaming the Welsh woodlands (hunting camouflage not required) throughout the morning, learn the various edible friendly or non-edible mushrooms you encounter and the deadly poisonous mushrooms to avoid. A midday interval to recoup and discuss the day’s findings, learn facts and ask questions before a hearty buffet lunch. The afternoon is spent learning the art of preserving and drying mushrooms before a mouth-watering mushroom tasting session to end the day.

*NOTE – We will update this page when we have some new dates available for these unique packages.

Mushroom Safari Breaks | Autumn 2013

Stay 2 nights with a choice of accommodation packages and enjoy a day experience Fungi foraging with expert Dan Butler.

Mushroom Safari in Wales ● 28, 29 Sep | 5, 6 Oct 2013

There will also be the option of taking home a special mushroom hunting knife or a mushroom identifier guide as a memento.

Full Day Experience Mushroom Safari included in your break

● 09:45 – meet at Llwyn Franc
● 10.00 – 12.00 Foray
● 12.15 – Meeting and discuss
● 13.15 – Buffet lunch “mushroom style”
● 14.30 – Preserving and drying
● 15.00 – Tasting session
Note:- You will be provided with itinerary prior to your arrival. You will require the use of your own transport to foraging location.

Examples of mushrooms you might find…
● Porcini ● Chanterelles ● Giant puffballs ● Parasols ● Wood hedgehogs

You will be pleased to know there are no European quotas on mushroom finds in the Welsh woodlands and no need to fling your fungi back into the wild. Yes, that’s right; you get to take all your caught mushroom stock home along with your newly acquired preserving and drying skills applied to good use.

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